Archery Is One Of The Most Exciting Outdoor Sports

July 08, 2015
Archery is not a new sport by any means—it might be one of the oldest. But, it has something that has long been of interest to Stephen Dent. Archery has always been interesting to him because of its long history and because it is a sport that demands focus and precision. There are plenty of kinds of target practice sports, but archery seems to be the one that is the most fun.

Archery requires a few key things out of anyone who wants to try it. First and foremost—safety equipment. That includes an archery globe or wrist guard. This is to keep the individual firing the bow to keep from damaging their hand or arm with the bowstring. Another key piece of safety equipment is a back-stop that will keep the arrow from doing any damage to property or people behind the target. Of course, one will need a bow, arrows, and of course a target. Most experts also suggest wearing closed-toed shoes, just in case there is some sort of accident.

Most experts in the field of archery suggest starting by firing arrows over a relatively short distance at a large target. As the practitioner’s aim improves, the target can be made smaller or moved further away. Stephen Dent is a lover of the outdoors and a fan of archery—so he has spent time in recent years figuring out how to get better at it.